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Netball Court Design For St. Oscar Romero


Project Overview

St. Oscar Romero Catholic School, a thriving over-subscribed secondary school in Worthing, found itself in a predicament. They had a tired and worn-out netball court that was in desperate need of a revamp. Despite additional classrooms being built in 2022, the outdoor space available to students was still severely limited. None of the outdoor space had been developed as the school had grown. Recognising the importance of providing students with a safe and functional sports facility, our dedicated architecture team stepped in with a generous gesture. Committed to supporting the community, we decided to redesign the current netball court entirely free of charge. This initiative embodies our belief in the power of education and community development, as we strive to create a space where students can enjoy sports and physical activity to the fullest.

School Architectural Plans

After completing the architectural plans, we were thrilled when our planning application to expand the netball facilities was approved. Our proposal involved adding a fourth court, complete with a fresh macadam surface and an upgraded fencing system. Additionally, we secured permission to install floodlights across all the courts. This exciting development will not only enhance Oscar Romero’s sporting facilities but also allow for extended playing hours, providing an even better experience for local netball enthusiasts.

Impact of The Project

Whilst designing and implementing this project, it was clear to see the positive impact this was going to have on the local community.

“This facility would be a huge help for the netball community in West Sussex, across Clubs, School and Community Programmes. From Primary ages through to 80+ Walking Netball, this facility would support and enable netball to grow to its full potential in the area. Netball is currently limited due to lack of facilities like this in Sussex, so this would provide a great boost in participation for he county. The addition of floodlights would mean use all year round for Club training, Leagues, Community programmes such as Back To Netball, Netball Now and Walking Netball. This 2 large facility would be a welcome one to hold large scale festivals of netball and Netball Youth Camps in the School Holidays. ”

Hannah Sturdy, Sussex Netball Development Officer, on behalf of England Netball.

Results of This School Architecture Project

The local Worthing community has warmly embraced this exciting new development, acknowledging its potential to promote an active lifestyle and encourage increased participation in sports, which is deemed essential. As a result, numerous opportunities have arisen, previously unavailable within the netball community. This expansion now effectively meets the demand for a junior netball league in the Worthing area, offering a dedicated space for the four thriving junior clubs to utilise and host county matches. Worthing Junior Netball Club has already expressed keen interest in using the new courts for two evenings a week, while the Saints Netball Academy, who has been training on the old courts for the past three years, can now benefit from year-round training opportunities, unlocking their full potential.

“RMR Architecture would fantasic from start to finish. They managed the design and project management of our new netball courts and floodlight system and were so responsive to suggestions as the project progressed. They were incredibly proactive and maintained momememtum in light of the tight timescales we had to work to. I could not recommend RMR highly enough. Thank you. P Byrne. Headteacher of St Oscar Romero Catholic School, Goring-by-Sea, West Sussex.”

P. Byrne

Architecture, School Netball Court Design

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