What is The Difference Between an Architectural Technician and a RIBA Chartered Architect?

November 2, 2020

The building and construction trade has become somewhat of a carbon heavy caterpillar with an estimated 37-49% of emissions coming from urban areas. But at the recent COP26 meeting, the World Green Building Council urged for the implementation of more sustainable alternatives in a bid to metamorph the industry into an eco-butterfly fit for the future.

With the industry in need of change and regulation, 164 countries submitted Nationally Determined Contributions (NCDs), 132 of which specifically targeting the building industry. Further, companies such as the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) are also getting involved to spread awareness by planting the seeds of change. Architects are being encouraged to consider the carbon targets set by the Green Construction Board as we strive towards becoming a zero-carbon industry by 2050.

“Over the coming years, net zero carbon buildings will be essential in helping countries achieve their nationally determined contributions” Terri Wills, CEO of World Green Building Control.

But seeds only grow with the right conditions. The use of different materials is the first step to bringing the light, but the manufacturing of materials and heating of properties are often the largest source of carbon. Increased regulation in these areas will go a long way in germinating this industry into the blossoming flower it needs to become for countries to hit their NDC targets.

It’s going to take a global movement to bring these seeds to life and it starts with each one of us making sure we’re using the latest solutions available. That’s why we always recommend speaking to qualified and experienced architects when planning your renovations and extensions – not only will we be able to help define what you want, but we’ll be able to guide you on the best sustainable route to get you there.

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