Home Refurbishments Are on The Rise

Prior to 2020, in a world where the word pandemic was something you only ever saw in films or games. The home refurbishments industry was very different to where it is now. Predictions about future home refurbishments ranged from driverless cars allowing domestic garage to be converted to living spaces. Then through to the rise of green roofs in order to make a positive impact on the environment. What none of us predicted was a global pandemic throwing the whole property Monopoly board in the air.
Before Covid-19, one in five of us planned large scale home refurbishments or renovations. In February 2021, this spiked to one in three.

The lockdowns have forced many office workers to adapt, working in their kitchens, lounges, bedrooms and many other weird and wonderful places. Dealing with Zoom video calls, whilst doubling up as homeschool teachers has been a reality for many homeowners in the UK in the last year. The desire to maintain professional respect on video conferences with a dedicated office made many people reassess their living situations. ‘Too small’ and ‘doesn’t meet my new needs’ have become common enquiries we receive. So whilst property sales have increased, so has the search for an ‘extra office room’. Analysis has recently shown that homeowners are improving their homes in vast numbers.

“For many people, lockdown boredom provided both the time and motivation needed to complete neglected DIY jobs or plan a bigger extension for extra space”

Marc Redshaw, Construction Director here at Roberts Miller Redshaw.

Do I Need an Architect For my Home Refurbishments?

Another question many people are asking is ‘Do I really need an Architect?’. The answer is best expressed in the words of famous oil well firefighter, Red Adair, who said: “If you think it’s expensive hiring a professional, try hiring an amateur”.

With any large home improvement project, the roots of success lie in the planning. So enlisting the expertise of an architect is essential. There is a good reason why architects study for the same amount of time as a doctor. Houses are complex multi-faceted machines and a good architect brings their knowledge and experience of what could go wrong and what must go right.

For something as sizeable as a new extension or conversion, the architecture team at RMR will listen to your needs and will provide you with the right blend of creative and pragmatic thinking. All whilst achieving the best return, both short and long-term on your investment.

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