Unlocking Your Home’s Potential

Unlock the hidden potential of your home. Your home is like a treasure chest, filled with untapped possibilities just waiting to be revealed. A home extension is the key to accessing this potential and increasing the value of your home. When considering a house extension, there are a few things to bare in mind.

1. Planning The Right House Extension

We begin at the planning stage, where early involvement of our architecture team will allow you to explore all possible concepts when it comes to your home’s layout and architectural style. This will direct you to the ideal extension plan. Seek professional advice from our architecture team, who will share their knowledge and experience, leading you to the ideal extension ideas.

2. Planning Permissions and Regulations

Look at planning permission and regulations, remember that these obstacles are in place to ensure that your house extension meet planning laws. Engaging with local authorities and understanding building regulations are essential steps in reaching your desired destination. However, this stage can be quite complicated, time-consuming and often tricky to manage. Therefore, our architectural team deal with all this for our clients, leaving them with a hassle-free experience.

3. Blend With Existing Structure

It’s now time to break ground! The right extension will seamlessly blend with your existing structure, maintaining your home’s integrity while enhancing its space, functionality, and value. This delicate balance is the key to a successful transformation and is something our construction team will complete for you.

Constructing the perfect extension can be challenging. The wrong decisions can lead to increased costs or a poorly executed design, leaving you with a sense of regret. To avoid this, always employ our reputable, professional construction team here at RMR. This will ensure your home extension stands the test of time weathering any storm that comes its way.

Finally, your extension is complete and your home’s potential is realised. When navigated carefully, with the guidance of our experienced architecture and construction teams, you can create a living space that is rich and rewarding. Begin exploring your options and find out more about our architectural services and how we can transform your home.

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